Tengo una semana k lo tomo y me siento fabulous
this was the jumpstart that i needed to change up my work out routine
Hello everyone! I am Lorenzo Gualtieri and today I want to share with you my latest purchasing experience with gearbest (Order No.:W1704110541235403). I just received my parcel ordered 2 weeks ago and bought 3 items:
Paired Garden Safe Digging Gloves: Gloves as outlined, unfortunately a black claw detached immediately. Looking better they are not fixed very well, but I remedied them with some glue and just tried it ... they work great, lower price than other sites;
Magic Color Changing Egg Timer: Cute and useful works very well, very cheap
Unique Automatic Jar Opener One Touch Can Opener Kitchen Tool: An interesting and useful article, unfortunately, does not do a great job of opening jars. Open those from supermarket but not those closed by my father :)
It's not my first order and until now I've always been fine ... pricing, assistance, shipping time perfect! For this reason it deserves 4 stars! Highly recommended!
Weblocal é uma das melhores hospedagem de sites
I order the wig a few days ago & received it today. Couldn't wait to open the box. I tried it on & WOW!!! So beautiful!!! The hair lays great & it's so comfortable. I love the wigs because they look so natural & so soft to the touch. I will definitely be ordering another one. I LOVE MY AUDREY!!!!!
HIs banks are recycled and we have proof. Me and my friend bought VBAs from him and when we tried to add, PayPal stated they were linked to the maximum number of PayPals. This fool sells recycled banks and doesn't bother to replace or refund.

We contacted him numerous times and he ignores us. Horrible service! Will not be recommending him to anyone at all.
I recently purchased a dress from Twinkledeals and was getting concerned that it had not arrived by what I thought was a reasonable amount of time. I contacted them and they responded promptly and were very helpful and wanted to find a solution to my order. My dress arrived however and I was very happy with it. I would recommend Twinkledeals as their products are great, their dresses are beautiful and their service was professional and prompt.
Kind regards,
Fast service, unbeatable price and easy process. This service was a breeze to use. Very happy with my purchase. Thumbs up all the way.
i was on the Infinite Arena website to order tickets for a concert. My browser crashed and when I went back to the site (or so I thought it was the site) to order the tickets I did not notice I was on another site.. After clicking through and paying I realized I had ordered from online city ticketing rather than the arena itself. As it turns my tickets were $180 more than the ones on the Arena site. I immediately called to see if could stop my charge and they said no. I asked if they would be willing to lower the service charge as I was unaware at the time of purchase it was so high since I was unaware I was even on their site. They said no.

Here is the issue - Online city pops up when you type in the actual arena name (correct name - Infinite Energy Center but this pops up‎) . Online city has purposely made their url similar to trick people into purchasing tickets from them. .I get it in order to get business they have to trick folks into purchasing from them.

From your phone you are not able to see clearly that this is not the actual arena - the sites even look similar...Online City is using pure subterfuge to take unsuspecting peoples money. I would be happy to order tickets from Online City if they would be above board, state what they are doing clearly, that they are in fact not the VENUE (not easy to decipher on a phone) and not bolster on such incredibly high service charges. As a matter of fact I ordered circus tickets from them in the past and the charges were acceptable.

When I spoke to Online City for the 2nd time and mentioned I had ordered tickets from them in the past and the fees were not so unreasonable- the supervisor informed me it depends on the event. I get it now. They totally pick and choose which events they would like to add higher service rates to and which they would not---price gouging!!!!

I would love to see this business put out of business. They are nothing more than scalpers
Service awful and the clothes are not what you would expect! I want my money back but expect a fight

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